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Environmentally friendly led street lights that reduce carbon footprint

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LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light
LED Street Light LED Street Light

Environmentally friendly led street lights that reduce carbon footprint

  • Light Source:LED Light
  • Power: 50W 100W 150W 200W
  • Power factor/PF: 0.9
  • SPD:6KV 10KV 20KV
  • Waterproof IP Rating:IP66
  • Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  • Power Supply: AC85-265V
  • LED chip brand: Philips Sanan Osram
  • Optional control:dimmer switch sensor photocell
  • Beam angle:150°*75 T2/150*40 T3/143*85 T4/150*150 T5
  • Type of beam:Asym 150°*75 T2/150*40 T3/143*85 T4/150*150 T5
  • Samples:available
  • Lead time:30 days

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Product Description

KH-SL-S089 series

1.Model Number:KH-SL-S089
2.Brand Name:Kayhin
3.Power option:50W/100W/150W/200W
4.With MW XLG driver,AC85-277V
5.With SMD 3030 chip
6.High lumens:150lm/W
7. Warranty:3 years or 5 years
8.Certification/Approval: TUV CE CB SAA LVD EMC ETL

Different applications of street lights

Street lighting

Both rural and urban areas have a variety of streets, such as primary streets, secondary streets, etc. Different street lamp situations require different types of street lights, different wattages, and different light distributions. As technology advances, LED street lights are a cost-effective and sustainable option for roads and paths in cities, towns, and rural areas.

Highway lighting

The expressway is the road connecting the city and the city, and the road connecting the city and the countryside. In this case, there will be no non-motorized lanes for motor vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, the road surface of the expressway is very smooth, there are no obvious potholes, the road condition is maintained well, and the safety factor is high. Therefore, most highways do not need to install street lights. At the same time, considering that the cost is too high, it is not suitable to install street lights on the highway. In the following special cases, such as high-speed entrances and exits, bridges on high-speed roads, roundabouts, etc., high-power street lamps can be used to provide necessary lighting for drivers to drive safely. For roundabouts, we probably need to install flood lights instead of street lights. And the installation height of flood lights can reach 12-15m or higher.

Intersection lighting

These street lights are often used at road and street intersections so that drivers must make quick decisions when they spot potential hazards. In this case, LED street lights should be placed at intervals to keep the light even and eliminate the driver’s eyestrain. When necessary, high mast lights can be set up at intersections to provide necessary lighting for drivers and pedestrians.

Square lighting

Squares are an important part of people’s lives, people spend more time dancing/chatting/playing in squares at night, so square lighting has become very necessary. Plaza lighting usually uses LED area lights and LED flood lights, but there are also many LED street light manufacturers that have also developed light distributions suitable for plaza lighting to reduce costs and expand the variety of product functions.

Parking lot lighting

With the development of the economy, automobiles have become the main means of transportation for the public. Some shopping malls, supermarkets, and hospitals will be equipped with parking lots to provide convenience for people, and the parking lot lighting is thus generated. Good parking lot lighting not only protects pedestrians but also makes a good impression to protect your business. LED street lights and post-top lights provide bright, energy-efficient lighting for parking lots of all sizes. Different parking lots also require lights with various mounting options, including straight-arm pole mounts, adjustable skid mounts, wall mounts, and more.

Outdoor industrial and logistics area lighting

We know that any large warehouse and logistics area has a lot of space in front of the entrance to facilitate the passage of vehicles through the area. Therefore, this large space needs to be illuminated by lamps at night to avoid the existence of dark areas, otherwise, it may increase the driver’s blind spot and increase potential risks. At the same time, the loading and unloading area also needs enough lighting to guide the driver, which is also convenient for workers to load and unload goods

Non-Motorized vehicles and sidewalk lighting

They mainly refer to the roads that pedestrians and non-motor vehicles pass through. Usually, this type of lighting is combined with road lighting. During lighting design, motor vehicle lanes, non-motor vehicles, and sidewalks will be arranged according to the requirements of the project. Usually, a light will be set up to illuminate non-motorized lanes and sidewalks. The purpose of setting lighting on such roads is to provide safe and comfortable lighting conditions for pedestrians and consumers. Lighting should enable pedestrians to walk safely, recognize each other’s faces, locate them correctly, and prevent criminal activity.

Best Street Light Manufacturer & Factory & Supplier In China

Kayhin as the best commercial, industrial outdoor LED flood light manufacturer, factory, supplier, and exporter in China since 2000, The factory is ISO9001, CE,SAA,ROGH, TUV and CB certificates. We have rich experience in manufacturing flood lamps with the following advantages and services:
OEM/ODM /SKD Order acceptable.
Free IES/LTD files or Dialux lighting design.
Both symmetric and asymmetric distributions are available.
CE, TUV, CB, IP66, IK10, IEC62471, LM80 and LM79 are available.
Lots of stable material suppliers, high quality and cost well.

Why Choose us as your streetlight Supplier in China?

Available to do OEM/ODM/SKD for all flood light. No MOQ limits for led flood light retailers, wholesalers, and engineering companies.

As a reliable flood light supplier, we have stocks of raw materials for floodlights, regular delivery time is 2 days for samples and 2 weeks for bulk.
We use top stable quality led driver and chips like Philips driver and chips for all flood lights. Providing 5/7 Years warranty at the cheapest price.

Our led flood lamps are BSCI, TUV,CB, CE, RoHS, and SAA approved, and our factory ISO9001 certified.


1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;
3. Building, Billboard Lighting;
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;
5. Park, Garden Lighting;
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road,Highway Lighting;
10. Station,Dock Lighting etc.
11. Directly replace the traditional HID light .to save energy.
Customer concerns about street lights

Wattage of street lights

Wattage is usually an important factor for LED street lights. When other conditions (light pole height, road width, light pole distance, boom length, boom angle, distance between the light pole and the road) are all constant, the higher the wattage of the street light, the better the lighting effect. However, many people may be unfamiliar with how to choose the wattage of LED street lights. KAYHIN believes that it can start from three directions.
Based on existing fixture type and wattage. Taking high-pressure sodium lamps as an example, 250W lamps can be replaced with 100W LED lamps. Of course, with the advancement of LED technology, they can be replaced with lower wattages in the future.
According to the installation height of the lamps, see Several things you need to know about LED Street Light for details.
Wattage as per lighting design. If you are interested in lighting simulation of street lights, parking lots, industrial parks, etc., you can refer to our related Blog

Efficiency of street lights

Light efficiency is an important parameter of LED lamps. As mentioned in the previous section, we can replace 250W high-pressure sodium lamps with 100W LED street lamps. Because the high light efficiency of LEDs is the important reason. For example, in 201, the light efficiency of LED lamps was generally around 120lm/W, and now the light efficiency of LED street lights can reach 150lm/w, which means that we can use 80W LED street lamps to achieve 100W street lights in 2015. That’s why many projects or tenders have clear requirements for lighting efficiency. The main reason is that high light efficiency means that we can achieve the desired lighting effect with less energy consumption. It is also clear in these bidding documents that different light effects can have different scores. High light efficiency means that you can compete with many competitors and stand out.

Optic of street lights

Street light LEDs are mainly used to illuminate urban/rural roads and some other outdoor areas, generally reducing road accidents and increasing residents’ sense of safety. For suppliers, street lights with different wattages and different light efficiency are not enough to meet the needs of different customers. Customers usually require a street light that can be adapted to illuminate different road conditions. KAYHIN’s LED street lights provide a wide light distribution, suitable for different roads, such as urban roads, and country roads. It can also be used for area lightings such as parking lots and parks.

CRI and CCT of street lights

CRI stands for the quality of light and its ability to realistically reproduce the color of an object. The highest CRI value is 100. For LED street lights, usually CRI70 can meet your light quality requirements. Of course, we also offer the option CRI80 to better represent the color of the illuminated object. CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) is a measure used to describe the relative color appearance of LED light sources. CCT indicates whether the light source is yellowish, whitish, or bluish. The unit of CCT is Kelvin (absolute temperature unit). 2700K is “warm”, 4000K is “neutral” and 5700K is “cool”. More and more road lighting now requires 4000K, 3000K, 2700K, and even lower 2200K. This is because low color temperatures are thought to have less of an impact on humans, animals, and plants.

Price of street lights

As the project side and the owner side, price is very important, so KAYHIN also attaches great importance to the price of street lights. We have different street light designs, so the price varies with different series. This is also to meet the needs of different customers. They can choose accordingly according to the project budget. If you are interested in the price of street lights, please refer to How much do the street lights cost?

Model No.PowerLinear/DOB/Isolated driverLamp Luminous EfficienceLED chip typeCRIwaterpfoor IP ratingPower factor/PF
KH-SL-S089-50W-G-SMD50WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-SL-S089-100W-G-SMD100WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-SL-S089-150W-G-SMD150WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-SL-S089-200W-G-SMD200WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9


Q1.What’s the different parts of a street lighting?
1) The base (it is actually a part of the light pole, at the bottom of the light pole, its main purpose is to integrate the light pole and the ground to achieve the ideal appearance),
2) Poles are used to support lamps to a certain height to achieve ideal lighting results.
3) LED luminaire, which is also called post top light, is used to provide lighting.
In some cases, light poles and lamps are combined to achieve the desired aesthetic and engineering effects. Such lamps are generally used for lighting sidewalks, industrial parks, parks, parking lots, etc. In other cases, the light pole and the lamp are separated, which is more common in road lighting.
Differing from LED street lights, what are other types of street lights?
1.Metal Halide(MH) Street Lights
2.High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Street Lights
3.high-intensity discharge ( HID ) street lighting
4.Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) Street Lights
5.Narrow-Band Amber (NBA) LED Street Lights
What function does a street light serve?
Street lighting can be used for preventing road traffic crashes and injuries. Because the motorways will be evenly lit by the street lights after installation.but the visibility and safety of pedestrians are both enhanced by street lighting. Even after the trees get huge and tall, the sidewalk can be illuminated by the street lights.

How the street lights classified by shape?
1.Classical street light
2.Antique street light
3.Landscape lamp
4.Post top light with single arm
5.Post top light with double arm
6.Round street light
7.Wire suspended street light
Components of a traditional street light: it consists of three elements – a base, a light pole and a street LED luminaire.