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Gas Station Canopy Petrol Led Light Meanwell Driver Recessed Led Canopy Light

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Gas Station Canopy Petrol Led Light Meanwell Driver Recessed Led Canopy Light

  • Light Source:LED Light
  • Power: 100W 150W 200W 250W
  • Power factor/PF: 0.9
  • SPD:6KV 10KV 20KV
  • Waterproof IP Rating:IP66
  • Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  • Power Supply: AC85-265V
  • LED chip brand: Philips Sanan Osram
  • Optional control:dimmer switch sensor photocell
  • Beam angle:90°120°75*145° 55*155°
  • Type of beam:Asym 75*145° 55*155°
  • Samples:available
  • Lead time:30 days

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Product Description

KH-UFO034 series

1.Model Number:KH-UFO034
2.Brand Name:Kayhin
3.Power option:100W/150W/200W/250W
4.With MW XLG driver,AC100-265V
5.With SMD 3030 chip
6.High lumens:150lm/W
7. Warranty:3 years or 5 years
8.Certification/Approval: TUV CE CB SAA LVD EMC ETL

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Kayhin as the best commercial, industrial outdoor LED flood light manufacturer, factory, supplier, and exporter in China since 2000, The factory is ISO9001, CE,SAA,ROGH, TUV and CB certificates. We have rich experience in manufacturing flood lamps with the following advantages and services:
OEM/ODM /SKD Order acceptable.
Free IES/LTD files or Dialux lighting design.
Both symmetric and asymmetric distributions are available.
CE, TUV, CB, IP66, IK10, IEC62471, LM80 and LM79 are available.
Lots of stable material suppliers, high quality and cost well.

Why Choose us as your high bay light Supplier in China?

Available to do OEM/ODM/SKD for all flood light. No MOQ limits for led flood light retailers, wholesalers, and engineering companies.

As a reliable flood light supplier, we have stocks of raw materials for floodlights, regular delivery time is 2 days for samples and 2 weeks for bulk.
We use top stable quality led driver and chips like Philips driver and chips for all flood lights. Providing 5/7 Years warranty at the cheapest price.

Our led flood lamps are BSCI, TUV,CB, CE, RoHS, and SAA approved, and our factory ISO9001 certified.


1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;
3. Building, Billboard Lighting;
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;
5. Park, Garden Lighting;
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road,Highway Lighting;
10. Station,Dock Lighting etc.
11. Directly replace the traditional HID light .to save energy.


Model No.PowerLinear/DOB/Isolated driverLamp Luminous EfficienceLED chip typeCRIwaterpfoor IP ratingPower factor/PF
KH-FL-S034-100W-S-SMD100WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-FL-S034-150W-S-SMD150WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-FL-S034-200W-S-SMD200WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-FL-S034-250W-S-SMD250WIsolated driver130lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9



Why is the power factor important in industrial lighting?
Power factor is one of the most important qualities that must be considered when selecting LED high bay lights, as this parameter determines its energy efficiency level.
But what’s the real power factor?
This is a concept that applies to LED high sheds or any other electrical equipment. This tells us the percentage of energy that LED high bay lights actually use and convert into useful work. The higher the power factor, the higher the efficiency and the longer the service life.
Unlike other traditional lighting systems, LED high bay lights must be powered by direct current, so they need a driver that can adjust the current as needed.
LED high bay lights and traditional systems must consume some energy to perform their functions. Thus, all energy consumed is not converted into useful work, but instead, the total power consumed (called the apparent power) is the sum of the other two powers:
Active power (kW): This is the electrical energy converted into useful work, and in the case of LED high shed lights, it is the power that really uses our lighting.
Reactive power (kW): This is the energy that the LED high bay light driver actually uses for its operation. ​
However, a low power factor will not only affect the energy efficiency and service life of LED high bay lights but also affect the amount of electricity you receive. When this nonfunctional capacity exceeds a certain level, the utility charges a fee