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Manufacturer factory led solar light CE RoHS Powerful outdoor solar flood light

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Manufacturer factory led solar light CE RoHS Powerful outdoor solar flood light

  • Light Source:LED Light
  • Power: 100W 150W 240W
  • Power voltage:12V
  • Charge time:4-6H
  • Working time:2 raining day
  • Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
  • Solar panel: polysilicon
  • LED chip brand: Philips /Sanan/Osram
  • Batteries:LiFePO4
  • Function: Light control + radar sensing/space-time
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Samples: available
  • Lead time: 2 weeks

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Product Description

KH-SOL-FL004 Manufacturer factory led solar light CE RoHS Powerful outdoor solar flood light

1.Model Number:KH-SOL-FL002
2.Brand Name:Kayhin
3.Power option:25W 40W 60W 100W 200W
4.Function: Light control + radar sensing/space-time
5.With SMD 3030 chip
6.High lumens:100lm/W
7. Warranty:3 years or 5 years
8.Certification/Approval: TUV CE CB SAA LVD EMC ETL

Outdoor waterproof solar flood light is a type of solar-powered outdoor lighting fixture that is designed to withstand the elements and provide bright illumination in wet conditions. These lights are typically used for illuminating outdoor spaces such as gardens, driveways, parking lots, and pathways.
The waterproof feature of these lights means that they are able to withstand rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions without getting damaged. This makes them ideal for use in areas with high rainfall or where there is a risk of flooding.
Outdoor waterproof solar flood lights typically have a built-in solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable battery. The light then automatically turns on at night and provides illumination for several hours, depending on the amount of sunlight absorbed during the day.
These lights are also eco-friendly and cost-effective since they don’t require any wiring or electricity from the grid. They help reduce energy bills and carbon emissions while providing reliable illumination to outdoor areas.

Best solar Flood Light Manufacturer & Factory & Supplier In China

KAYHIN is the top manufacturer, factory, supplier of solar street lights in china since 2000. We can help you win the bidding or markets by the following point:

Highest quality
All of the materials will be top quality such as Longlife time LiFePo4 battery, high efficiency MPPT Controller, high conversion Mono solar panel, etc.

Custionized service
According to the sunshine conditions of your city, working time, regular weather, our technical team will customize a solar street light system that meets the local for you.

Why Choose us as your soalr flood light Supplier in China?

Available to do OEM/ODM/SKD for all soalr flood light. No MOQ limits for solar flood light retailers, wholesalers, and engineering companies.

As a reliable soalr flood light supplier, we have stocks of raw materials for soalr flood light , regular delivery time is 2 days for samples and 2 weeks for bulk.
We use top stable quality led driver and chips like Philips driver and chips for all solar flood lights. Providing 3/5 Years warranty at the cheapest price.

Our soalr flood lights are BSCI, TUV,CB, CE, RoHS, and SAA approved, and our factory ISO9001 certified.

Why Choose Solar Led street Lights?

The solar flood light is a new type of road lighting fixture. During the day, monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar panels convert solar sun energy into electricity, which is stored in maintenance-free valve-sealed batteries or lithium batteries through the solar controller, and at night, the solar controller controls the discharge of the batteries for the LED lights to work. It will bring many benefits

Firstly:Energy saving

Convert solar energy into electricity to drive LED street lamps to work. Solar energy is inexhaustible.


Solar flood lights are powered by 12-36V solar panels, which are within the safe voltage range and will not cause electric shock accidents to people, making them safer to use.

Third:Flexible application
Off-grid solar flood lights do not require a grid power supply and can operate autonomously as long as there is sunlight, which is very flexible, so they can use even in remote power-deficient area

Fourth: Less investment

The solar flood light system does not need power supply equipment and can be completely automated operation, with no need for personnel management, so low operation and maintenance costs.


1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;
3. Building, Billboard Lighting;
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;
5. Park, Garden Lighting;
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road,Highway Lighting;
10. Station,Dock Lighting etc.
11. Directly replace the traditional HID light to save energy.

Model No.PowerLinear/DOB/Isolated driver/Solar light/Lamp Luminous EfficienceLED chip typeCRIwaterpfoor IP ratingPower factor/PF
KH-SOL-FL004-100W-W-SMD100wsolar flood light100lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-SOL-FL004-150W-W-SMD150wsolar flood light100lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9
KH-SOL-FL004-240W-W-SMD240wsolar flood light100lm/wSmd 303080IP660.9


1.What is your MOQ?
—MOQ always is 100pcs for wholesale orders, You can also buy a sample

2.What types of packaging do you usually use for this product?
—Normally we offer White/brown Box packing

3.How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?
—It depends on the volume of the order.Most Online wholesales orders we ship within 2 weeks after we receive payment.

4.What methods of payment do you accept for the full-order?
–Various payment methods are available, including via PayPal, L/C,Western Union and T/T.

5.Are you able to air ship door to door directly to us?
–Yes, can ship by UPS, TNT, FEDEX OR DHL

6.Is it possible to put our logo on your product or product packaging?
—Of course, we have a factory, welcome to customize such as your brand,LOGO,Color, Product Manual,packaging etc….

7.How Can I order?
—Has items in stock, click “Start Order” and pay directly! (Input quantity, choose your country, then you can see total price) Please do write your Name, Address, Zip code and Phone number for delivery!

8.Why did our Customers choose us?
—Reply < 2 hours.
Delivery time > 99%.
Quality Control > 99%
After-sales Service > 99%
100% QC inspection Before the timely delivery of the goods.

Welcome to visit our website: https://kayhin.com.cn/

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